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Inspired by abstract art and Japanese culture, the artist seeks balance in each piece, creating unique and seamless “portable art”.
Its goal is not to satisfy the masses and it moves away from the speed of modern society, its aim is to satisfy select customers who appreciate craftsmanship, the quality of natural materials and ethical fashion contrary to overproduction and labor exploitation.
By molding loose fibers from wool and silk mainly, he creates signature pieces that captivate with their volumes and unusual designs.


Fashion and Sustainability

Makanuda uses only natural fibers and fabrics in its projects. This, together with the manufacturing and manual dyeing process, makes their products sustainable and respectful with the environment.


The Makanuda firm was created in 2015 derived from the union of different arts such as painting, sculpture and textile design.
The continuous learning and study of different artistic variants embodied in natural materials, make this project is in continuous transformation, improving the quality and authenticity of its works.

Makanuda is timeless, sustainable and independent fashion transformed into a source of inspiration for those who wear it.

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